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Website Call Tracking Service

Track Your Campaigns Success

If the success of your business relies primarily on lead generation via phone calls, then we should talk. Many business owners who speak to us – often need to track the source of their phone calls. With DotComSEO you can do that. We help you track where your phone calls are coming from, and that makes it so you can make informed marketing decisions. Our website call tracking service enables you to see where calls are coming from, and all of the meta-data associated with those calls.

>Get call data, from all phone calls that originate from your website. Get real time, actionable, data about the calls from your website, including call recordings, and all other data about the phone calls, like time, phone number, caller ID, and other data.

>Setup phone numbers for online, and offline, campaigns.

>Track phone calls from Google places and other directories

>Get access to your very own dashboard to track all phone call data, including the location, and the phone number, and call recording, of all callers.

Call Data That Provides ROI Insights

DotComSEO’s web based solution for tracking phone calls to your business helps you make business decisions. Until now, you could never track how many phone calls you were getting from various sources, such as Yelp, Avvo, FindLaw, Google, YouTube, etc. With our call tracking system, you can track the source of your phone calls – regardless of where you route them. Our online call tracking solution gives you the information you need in order to focus on which channels are getting you sales, and results.

Our call tracking dashboard integrates with Google Analytics, so you get real time actionable data, alongside your normal data. In addition, we give you live reports, each time a phone call comes, so you can know where your call came from – in addition to weekly, and monthly, call tracking reports.

Do You Need To Track Phone Calls?

If this is the first time you’ve heard about phone call tracking, then you’re probably curious about the concept. Call tracking is a new thing, that has become a very crucial marketing trend. Many local businesses prefer to call, rather than fill out a form. Phone calls are typically higher quality leads, and more likely to become customers. If you’re spending advertising dollars on various platforms, then it’s crucial you track how many phone calls you get from the¬†various websites. It’s crucial you use call tracking tools in order to understand what your true conversion rate is, and what your overall marketing efforts are generating for you. Without phone calls, you’re leaving a lot on the table – in terms of data, and in terms of understanding effectiveness.

Is Call Tracking worth It?

Call tracking is important, and crucial, and one of the best additions you can make. With our call recording service, you’re able to record every word your lead says to your reps over the phone. You have a record of what your leads say, and you have a record of who they are, and where they are calling from. With all that information, you can then understand what your conversion rate is, and you can understand which channels are generating you business. This information is valuable, because it can help you understand which advertising channels are generating ROI for you, and which ones aren’t.